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Nos valeurs


The companies we have been investing in for 20 years are at the forefront of industrial innovation and willingness to succeed growth. Through providing the financial means to new businesses or growth development, we believe in contributing to the strength and consolidation of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) cluster.
In-depth industry expertise, motivation and network, are key values to Growth Capital and contributed  in numerous industrial successes.

Economic growth through Innovation

In sectors we know best such as Aerospace, Maritime, and Security, we realized long ago that Innovation is more a long distance effort than a sprint. Backing our companies goes way beyond just money and includes a full watch on technological evolutions and staying “tuned” to the innovation buzz. Sharing knowledge is to key in enabling us a long term accompaniment of our partners’ business. Early and rigorous selection as well as our insight of dedicated industries allow us to target the strongest growth potentials invest in support in the long run.


We believe the best of ideas or the biggest investment is worthless without the men behind them. We are proud to build strong long term relationships with entrepreneurs we work with, based on proximity, partnership, team spirit and enthusiasm!
The work of our professionals, the expertise of our investment committees, the experience of our Venture Partners all contribute to the value creation process of the companies in our portfolio.
Our local offices in Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Montréal offer a distinct set of relationships and proximity to our partners.

Sustainable Growth and social responsability

ACE Management promotes and contributes to Corporate Social Responsibility policies and practices within its investments.
ACE Management is a strong believer in sustainable growth strategies for the well being of society and future generations.

The team members seize every opportunity to integrate the criteria relating to compliance with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives into their investment selection as well as the daily monitoring of risk and the evolving businesses of the portfolio companies. ACE Management is a signatory of the charter of the investment partners of FSI France Investment Fund.