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Created in 1999 by Eric BANTEGNIE, the software editor ESTEREL TECHNOLOGIES is the worldwide leader of model-based design and verification tools for critical embedded systems.
ESTEREL products are qualified and certified by numerous Civil Airworthiness and Safety authorities and other certification autorities from various industries such as TUV or nuclear safety certification bodies.
ESTEREL TECHNOLOGIES employs 110 people in 7 countries (USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Russia and China) and serves more than 150 customers in 19 countries.

Eric Bantegnie : «Unlike other  financial investors ACE Management provides  a real industrial expertise and an extended network amongst the top management of a great number of major customers. These recognized characteristics make a real difference and are of true value in commercial terms and in supporting our export sales. ACE’s teams are long term minded and are an efficient support to managers in their development strategy. »

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