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European leader in biochemical detection, Proegin had been acquired in 2004 from its founder by ACE Management, MBO Partenaires as well as Patrick Bleuse, former Managing Director, now acting as President of the company.

5 years after this Buy-Out, ACE Management sold its stake in the company to Toqueville Investissements Privés.

Back in 2004, the acquisition of the company was aiming to give it a new impulse, with several objectives targeted: extend the international footprint of the company, renew the original chemical detection line of products, as well as develop new products in the biological area, considered the next stage in the field of detection instruments.

Today, Patrick Bleuse can be proud of Proengin’s achievements: in spite of a slowdown of the French market in 2006, Proengin’s main source of revenues at that time, the company succeeded in quickly substituting a decelerating domestic market by a strong flow of PO’s coming from around the world. Patrick Bleuse : “ACE Management totally assumed it’s role as a major shareholder of the company through these rough times, keeping focused and supportive of the management. They were key players to solve several complex situations when necessary”.


In 2007, clouds clear the sky: the new line of products is a hit on the French market, and the export sales just skyrocket!! At the same time, on the biological emerging market, Proengin’s reputation is growing fast, and first customers are lining to buy its products, the future has never looked better…


In 2009, Patrick Bleuse inform its financial partners that he’s willing to keep on going, and that several key managers would like to jump on board with him. After a selling process managed by Arjil, a proposal by Tocqueville Investissements Privés is selected by ACE Management and by the management as the best offer for everyone. The deal is inked at the end of 2009.


We at ACE Management believe that this new partner is well suited to take Proengin to the next level of success, for the satisfaction of all, among them the employees !


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