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European leader in biochemical detection, Proegin had been acquired in 2004 from its founder by ACE Management, MBO Partenaires as well as Patrick Bleuse, former Managing Director, now acting as President of the company.

5 years after this Buy-Out, ACE Management sold its stake in the company to Toqueville Investissements Privés.

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Created in 1982 by Gilles Duqueine, DUQUEINE has become a recognized French player in the design and manufacturing of of composite parts and sub-assemblies.

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Created in 1999 by Eric BANTEGNIE, the software editor ESTEREL TECHNOLOGIES is the worldwide leader of model-based design and verification tools for critical embedded systems.

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Created in 1986 and led since 1999 by Christophe Cador, STTS Group became a European leader in aeronautic painting and sealing. Strongly growing over the last years STTS established itself as a prime rank partner for OEMs, airlines and maintenance centers in Europe.

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Created in 2003 Tracit Technologies is the result of works of the French CEA-Leti laboratory on thin-film layer transfer technologies that leverage molecular adhesion and mechanical, as well as chemical, thinning processes.

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